Boys Behind Bars 3 (2015, UK)

Boys Behind Bars 3 - Debra Chant as Carol and Wade Radford as Darrell

The third episode of this trashy ‘cult exploitation franchise’ sees us return to Young Offenders Institution Barker’s Ludge and the unholy alliance between prisoner Darrell (Wade Radford) and pneumatic Wing Governor, Alison Muncher (Honey Bane). Its publicity claims a cult following, but this is as close to unwatchable as you can get; a following of any kind is remarkable.

The first BBB in the series showed top dog Darrell and others degrading and menacing a younger newcomer. The second involved two new playmates, one of whom is taunted and degraded and ultimately killed by a shotgun inserted into his rectum. This one has Darrell and others degrading and torturing a drug counsellor, Carol (Debra Chant), whose lame efforts at deterring drug use are claimed to be a threat to Darrell’s thriving drug business.

More to the point, Radford and co-writer/director Jason Impey clearly believe that devotees of humiliation porn will soon get bored with simple bastardisation and abasement. Each successive film plumbs new depths in its excesses of brutality and grossness. Here we are exposed to misogyny, racial abuse, a prisoner being sodomised with a chair leg, necrophilia, and wanton killings.

Its creators are incapable of defining prison other than in sex, drugs, predatory violence and bad language – and the film itself is so cheap, nasty and visually dull that any sentient audience would feel that it is being held in contempt.

Boys Behind Bars 3 #2 - Debra Chant as Carol, Wade Radford as Darrell, Sky James as Ben and Renee Maddox as AJ Boys Behind Bars 3 #3 - Wade Radford as Darrell and Honey Bane as Governor Alison Muncher

Posted on April 11th, 2016 at 9:43 pm. Updated on April 11th, 2016 at 9:53 pm.

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