Not Quite Prison Movies

» A cavallo della tigre / Riding the Tiger (2002, Italy)

Pale remake of the 1961 movie of the same name about an unwilling escapee.

» Swamp Women (1956, USA)

Undercover cop escapes prison to recover stolen diamonds in the Louisiana swamp. Tedious.

» Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvrashchaetsya / The Ghost That Never Returns (1929, USSR)

Silent movie. A furlough for a political prisoner goes awry and leads to one last desperate act for the cause.

» Prisoner Maria: The Movie (1995, Japan)

Awful, sleazy film, very little of it set in prison, of a prisoner used as an extrajudicial assassin.

» Murder in the Big House (1942, USA)

Neat film about a cub reporter who solves a prison murder. Much too neat, really.

» Prisoner/Terrorist (2007, Japan)

Turgid, opaque movie of a terrorist’s tortured descent into madness in prison.

» Prison Planet (1992, USA)

Poorly acted, non-prisonny, pretty awful sci-fi flick. At least it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

» A cavallo della tigre / On the Tiger’s Back (1961, Italy)

An ingenuous petty crook is literally dragged into an escape. Terrific film, but no tigers.

» The Smashing Bird I Used to Know (1969, UK)

Sympathetic treatment of a guilt-ridden, traumatised teenager and other girls in a remand home.

» Femmine in Fuga / Women in Fury  (1984, Italy / Brazil)

Young woman taking big rap for brother is hunted, and hunted. Silly WIP fare.