» Convict (2014, Australia)

Convict - George Basha as Ray Francis

When this opened where I live, it opened, I think, for just one session in one cinema. That might say as much as needs to be said. (more…)

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» Naked Gun 33? – The Final Insult (1994, USA)

Naked Gun 33 1/3 The Final Insult - Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin

You know what you’re getting with the Naked Gun series, and questions like, “Is it sensible to select a high-profile cop to go undercover in a large maximum-security prison?” are happily irrelevant. (more…)

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» The Mannsfield 12 (2007, USA)

The Mannsfield 12 - The Warden (VJ Foster) addresses the 12

If you can get past the notion that a prison guard can be stabbed to death and then, rather than have it investigated by the Police, the Warden is able to brutalise twelve prisoners for six months in the hope that one of them will falsely confess to the killing, you may well enjoy this film. (more…)

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» Dogboys (1998, USA)

Dogboys - Cap Brown (Bryan Brown) and Julain Taylor (Dean Cain)

Fascinating prison, this. There’s this solid, imposing wall surrounding a maximum-security prison, around which – if I’ve got this right – there are acres and acres of Toronto forest and a scalable, razor-ribbon-topped fence. It’s a prison where prisoners escape over the 7 metre wall with ease, only to routinely get run down by highly trained attack dogs in the foresty bit. No wonder people start asking questions.  (more…)

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» Big Stan (2007, USA)

Big Stan

I’m deeply, deeply suspicious of any film where the Director casts himself in the lead role and not only gives himself the best lines, but gets to bed the beautiful woman and be the hero all at the one time. Not even Woody Allen can always pull that off, and Rob Schneider certainly can’t in this limp, misconceived comedy. But it’s not just that. This is a one-joke movie, and when that one joke concerns homosexual rape, or any rape (even if it’s mostly about the avoidance of rape), it’s going to have trouble making me laugh.


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» Let’s Go to Prison (2006, USA)

Let's Go to Prison

Mediocre comedy starring John Lyshitski as an habitual criminal who wants to get back at the judge who kept sending him to prison by ‘helping’ the judge’s son who has been wrongly convicted and sent to prison.  (more…)

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» In Hell (2003, USA)

In Hell

Ringo Lam (who directed the Hong Kong Prison on Fire movies) directs this as well, but if that gives you some optimism, the fact that it stars Jean-Claude Van Damme probably won’t. (more…)

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» Stir Crazy (1980, USA)

Stir Crazy

A limp comedy directed by Sidney Poitier. (more…)

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» Nu Zi Jian Yu / Women Prison (1988, Hong Kong)

Women Prison -

Yes, that’s right; ‘Nu zi jian yu’ becomes ‘Women Prison’… and that sets the standard for the sub-titling throughout. It’s an entertaining prison movie for traditionalists: a fight for top dog, a naïve first-timer, a brutal, corrupt officer, an escape, some sexual assaults, and even a disturbance that requires the use of tear gas. Not unlike the 1987 Hong Kong film about a male prison, Prison on Fire, in some ways. (more…)

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