Celda #27 / Cell 27 (2002, Mexico)

Celda #27 - Coy Mexican prisoners shower in their underwear, moments before the bloke on the left gets stabbed by someone who appears to be a guard

I have no idea what this is about, but if you only watch prison movies for the shower scenes, this could be the film for you.

Sorry; I should explain. The movie’s most powerful scene (without the benefit of language), is of two overweight men showering. In their underpants. Another prisoner, who may not be so coy, stabs one of the men, and kills him. Not sure why. But then the stabber gets nicely beaten up (twice) by a third prisoner, who looks as if he couldn’t fight at all.

Google Translate suggests the following for the film’s blurb, which I’m sure can only add to its intrigue: “A mystery is locked in cell 27, a damn scorpion who murdered prisoners who arrived there, so that the government of Durango promised clemency to any prisoner locked up and there was light alive. Fell to jail a man and asked to be locked in that cell, for which begged to grant him a match and light a candle to be possible when near nightfall and midnight and watch the dreaded scorpion and in an unguarded moment I covered him with his hat, so the next day smiling tells the guards who already had won a reprieve.” Deep, huh?

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