Femmine in Fuga / Women in Fury  (1984, Italy / Brazil)

This is based on a true story. Allegedly. A beautiful young woman, Angela Duvall (Suzane Carvalho), stupidly takes the rap for her morally dissolute, heroin-addled brother, Sergio, who has killed a drug pusher. A third man at the scene would seem to have much to lose should Angela identify him, and he evidently has lots of friends in high-up places who can make life difficult for her. She is given 18 years in the nick, and thrown to the wolves.

The rest of the film seems to have been made by connecting the following words and phrases: Dormitory. Lesbians. Nakedness. Initiation. Head lesbian [Joanna (Gloria Cristal)]. Hunted. Raped. Beaten with wet towels. Doesn’t snitch. Chief Matron (Rossana Ghessa). Voracious lesbian Chief Matron! Truncheon. Licking. Seems to quite enjoy it, actually. Matron’s regular beautiful lover Paola (Marli Mendes) jealous. More nakedness. Masked men hunt Angela. Set upon her. Try to hang her. Queen Bee [Denise (Zenith Pereira)] to the rescue. Always in her corner. Why? Unexplained. Young doctor [Luis Cuña (Henri Pagnoncelli)]: attracted, over-invested. No explanation needed. Stood down by corrupt warden [Captain Bonifacio (Leonardo José)] for trying to prove Angela’s innocence. Sergio suicides. The gun used the same as the one that shot the drug dealer. Police onto it. Angela set to be released. Too late! Captain has already given knife to Paola to stab Angela. Denise cuts Paola’s head off. Irreparably, you’d think. Women riot. Guards’ guns taken from them. Oops. Couldn’t foresee that risk. Eight escape (including Angela). Over the wall. Into jungle. Dr Cuña in helicopter overhead. Eh? Two prisoners killed (not Angela, phew!). Orders to kill all the rest. Hunt is on. Military called in. Tracker dogs. Snake. Snake bite! Another down. Where’s Dr Cuña when you need him? Angela splits. Two women fight in river. Not another snake, surely? Anaconda. Aaargh! Snake shot by prospectors; women captured. Women raped while waiting for authorities to collect them. Tables turned; prospectors killed. Women escape, with more weapons. Kill more innocents. Entire army surrounds remaining women in church. And Dr Cuña! More innocents: civilian hostages, including children. More orders to kill. How on earth did she escape? Angela: amnesia. Convenient, no? Lives happily, memorylessly, with Dr Cuña. Dr Cuña also happy.

Lots of salutary lessons. Like: when women are in fury, don’t wander amongst them with your longarms vulnerable. Maybe the biggest is: don’t ever plead guilty to a murder committed by your spineless addict brother.




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