The Longest Yard (2005, USA)

The Longest Yard - Bob Sapp as Switowski, Adam Sandler as Paul Crewe and Chris Rock as Caretaker

Predictable but largely entertaining remake of the 1974 comedy. 

Adam Sandler plays Paul Crewe, a disgraced quarterback who goes to a Texas gaol after a drunken car chase in his girlfriend’s Bentley.  There he is enlisted by the corrupt warden to improve the performance of the sadistic and steroid-fuelled guards’ gridiron team.  Crewe suggests a warm-up game against the convicts to boost their confidence, and then sets about building a team from the convict group.  You can guess the rest.

We forget how different prisons are in the US and in Australia: as in Jailhouse Rock, where a prison concert is broadcast on national TV, the pre-season minor-league warm-up football match here plays to a packed stadium and is broadcast on national TV.  Sandler is competent, as is the motley collection of players in his underdog team (which fortunately doesn’t miss one jail stereotype – think Police Academy in prison garb – and is even supported by transsexual cheerleaders).

The Longest Yard #2 - Chris Rock as Caretaker and Adam Sandler as Paul Crewe The Longest Yard #3 - Adam Sandler as Paul Crewe

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2 Responses to “The Longest Yard (2005, USA)”

  1. August 25th, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    adam sandler fan says:

    This movie is hilarious especially Chris rock and Adam sandler they are a good combination. I also noticed in the film that Adam is really good at basketball you know I’m not that bad my self one time in my school the Ottawa GG’s came to my school and I got picked to play against them and we won because I got all the goals and we were the first ones to beat the gg’s out of all the other schools they’ve challenged.

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