Not Quite Prison Movies

» Samar (1962, USA)

Awful flick of dissidents in a Filipino penal colony escaping the tyranny of Spanish rule.

» The Expert (1995, USA)

Aggrieved murder victim’s brother breaks into Death Row to exact revenge. Inane.

» True Story (2015, USA)

Excellent true-life story of a journalist’s encounters with a man accused of murdering his family.

» Convict 762 (1997, USA)

An all-female crew lands on a two-person prison planet but can’t tell the goodie from the baddie.

» The Traveling Executioner (1970, USA)

Roving executioner falls for beautiful woman on Death Row in a so-so 70s romp.

» A Letter from Death Row (1998, USA)

Story within a story from the ex-Poison frontman. Twists, turns and ordinary acting.

» उंबरठा / Umbartha (1982, India)

Melancholic woman abandons hubby and child to run a women’s ashram. Engrossing.

» Hellcage: Inmate 611 Part 2 (2007, Japan)

Another shocker: Part 2 of Hellhole: Inmate 611 but featuring an entirely different inmate

» Back Door to Heaven (1939, USA)

Melodrama of a kid dealt a rotten hand, with a call to do more for kids dealt rotten hands.

» Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (2015, USA)

Escaping prisoners battle to escape prehistoric land sharks.