Not Quite Prison Movies

» The Sting II: Perfect Exchange (1993, Hong Kong)

Card shark cons his way into prison to con money out of a con.

» Sarbjit (2016, India)

Innocent Indian man stumbles into 22 years of hell in a Pakistani prison.

» Paddington 2 (2017, UK / Others)

Delightful story of a well-mannered small bear charming everyone (well, almost) in prison and out.

» The Merciless (2017, South Korea)

Outlandish but very watchable story of an undercover cop embedded in a violent gang.

» Passion’s Web (2007, Canada)

Forgettable TV flick about a female psychologist who falls for the wrong murderer.

» Savage Dog (2017, USA)

An IRA bomber hunting down Nazis who have done him wrong in the Indochinese jungle. Awful.

» A Man Called Sledge (1970, Italy / USA)

Highwayman goes way off-highway and robs prison.

» Under Lock and Key (1995, USA)

Undercover FBI agent teams up with a feisty prison guard to do improbable things.

» Shot Caller (2017, USA)

Stockbroker in prison gets trapped into gang membership, then tries to untrap himself.

» Despicable Me 3 (2017, USA)

Three minutes of the minions in prison.