Not Quite Prison Movies

» Krotkaya / A Gentle Creature (2017, Russia / France and others)

Long, unhurried saga: A woman tries in vain to find where her husband is detained.

» Joshila (1973, India)

Lame story of a wealthy girl who falls for a prisoner, who in turn is redeemed.

» American Violet (2008, USA)

African American battler takes on the racist DA… and wins!

» Love Me Still (2008, UK)

Prisoner’s brother takes nasty liberties with the soon-to-be-liberated man’s wife.

» 死囚 / The Condemned (1976, Hong Kong)

An odd couple - one deep, one cheeky - meet in a prison cell and go on to fight the same bad guys.

» Verfehlung / The Culpable (2015, Germany)

Powerful film of a prison chaplain pitted against his church over a friend, a paedophile priest.

» Crown Heights (2017, USA)

Miscarriage of justice sees a young man wrongfully spend 21 years in jail. Sobering.

» Revolver (1973, Italy / France / Germany)

Decent thriller in which a warden’s wife is kidnapped and allowing a prisoner to escape is the ransom.

» Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018, USA / China)

Not so hot high risk escape sequel.

» Affinity (2008, UK / Canada / Romania)

Wealthy Victorian-era prison visitor falls for a prisoner visited by visitants.