Not Quite Prison Movies

» Noem My Skollie / Call Me Thief (2016, South Africa)

Disappointing tale of a young gangster who tells stories in prison to avoid gangs.

» Pixote (1981, Brazil)

Grim, but powerful, tale of a 10-year-old in and out of a São Paulo reformatory.

» Hell on Devil’s Island (1957, USA)

Predictable saga of a crooked commandant on Devil’s island and the prisoner who exposes him.

» Turn Him Loose (1929, USA)

13-minute farce. A hapless DA’s sleuth winds up in jail twice. Briefly.

» First Circle (1992, Canada / France)

Long, long story of a political prisoners’ prison for dissident scientists in Stalin’s Russia in 1949

» The Hangman: Shepherds and Butchers (2016, South Africa)

Compelling story of a lawyer trying to save a young Death Row prison guard from execution.

» From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001, Hong Kong)

The plight of young prisoners with indefinite sentences - and the full dispassionate fight for them.

» Moron 5 and the Crying Lady (2012, Philippines)

Woeful one-joke film about five stupid mates who spend a short time in prison.

» Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973, Italy)

Very 70s action romp involving an odd couple: a crime boss and his eager lieutenant.

» Chattahoochee (1989, USA)

Korean veteran with PTSD tackles abuses in a psychiatric hospital.