Not Quite Prison Movies

» Clash by Night (1964, UK)

Gentle, old-fashioned story of prisoners trapped in a flammable barn after one of them is sprung.

» Get Santa (2014, UK)

Entertaining story of a dad and his son’s bid to free Santa from jail to save Christmas.

» Inside (1996, USA)

Well scripted film about a South African interrogation in the apartheid era.

» Край / The Edge (2010, Russia)

Without doubt, the best train-themed gulag movie ever.

» Samar (1962, USA)

Awful flick of dissidents in a Filipino penal colony escaping the tyranny of Spanish rule.

» The Expert (1995, USA)

Aggrieved murder victim’s brother breaks into Death Row to exact revenge. Inane.

» True Story (2015, USA)

Excellent true-life story of a journalist’s encounters with a man accused of murdering his family.

» Convict 762 (1997, USA)

An all-female crew lands on a two-person prison planet but can’t tell the goodie from the baddie.

» The Traveling Executioner (1970, USA)

Roving executioner falls for beautiful woman on Death Row in a so-so 70s romp.

» A Letter from Death Row (1998, USA)

Story within a story from the ex-Poison frontman. Twists, turns and ordinary acting.