Not Quite Prison Movies

» Moron 5 and the Crying Lady (2012, Philippines)

Woeful one-joke film about five stupid mates who spend a short time in prison.

» Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973, Italy)

Very 70s action romp involving an odd couple: a crime boss and his eager lieutenant.

» Chattahoochee (1989, USA)

Korean veteran with PTSD tackles abuses in a psychiatric hospital.

» El Prisionero 13 / Prisoner 13 (1933, Mexico)

Melodrama involving a corrupt Colonel, his son, a desperate mother, and a horrible ending.

» Prison Shadows (1936, USA)

Six fight-and-alcohol-rubbing-your-cellmate-packed minutes dominate this cheesy story.

» Seduto alla sua destra / Black Jesus (1968, Italy)

Jesus-like Congolese martyr in prison. Or Jesus as Congolese martyr in prison. One of the two.

» Strange Cargo (1940, USA)

Christ-figure spreads salvation amongst a group of prisoners escaping from Devil’s Island. Spooky.

» Hell’s Kitchen (1939, USA)

The Dead End Kids, a corrupt superintendent and a reforming crook all thrown in together.

» Grosse bêtise / Breakin’ Out (2001, France)

Teenager plots to spring his drug trafficking mother from jail.

» Clash by Night (1964, UK)

Gentle, old-fashioned story of prisoners trapped in a flammable barn after one of them is sprung.