Not Quite Prison Movies

» Crown Heights (2017, USA)

Miscarriage of justice sees a young man wrongfully spend 21 years in jail. Sobering.

» Revolver (1973, Italy / France / Germany)

Decent thriller in which a warden’s wife is kidnapped and allowing a prisoner to escape is the ransom.

» Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018, USA / China)

Not so hot high risk escape sequel.

» Affinity (2008, UK / Canada / Romania)

Wealthy Victorian-era prison visitor falls for a prisoner visited by visitants.

» Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949, UK)

Classic comedy; a condemned man tells his story of slaying his way to a dukedom.

» The Archer (2017, USA)

High school archer in lame escape from corrupt juvie centre drama. Not at all ‘arrowing.

» Vyfster: Die Slot / Five Star: The Final (1986, South Africa)

Repeat escapee escapes to see his son, and then breaks into the prison to confront his father.

» The Sting II: Perfect Exchange (1993, Hong Kong)

Card shark cons his way into prison to con money out of a con.

» Sarbjit (2016, India)

Innocent Indian man stumbles into 22 years of hell in a Pakistani prison.

» Paddington 2 (2017, UK / Others)

Delightful story of a well-mannered small bear charming everyone (well, almost) in prison and out.