The Inevitable Rape

» The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015, USA)

The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) - Laurence R Harvey as Dwight Butler and Dieter Laser as Warden Bill Boss

In the third part of this crass trilogy, writer and director Tom Six sets out again to provoke outrage and disgust. And in that, and pretty much that alone, he succeeds. (more…)

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» Shadow: Dead Riot (2006, USA)

Shadow: Dead Riot -

Shadow: Dead Riot appears to be based on a premise that the same sort of people who watch salacious Women-in-Prison films with shower scenes and predatory lesbian guards will also like zombies and gore and exploding body parts. It’s probably solid thinking from a marketing perspective, but the two elements here have rather clumsily been patched together. (more…)

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» Zombie Death House (1988, USA)

Zombie Death House - Earl Johnson as Arthur Adams holding the head of Head Guard Raker (Howard George)

To say that this is the best prison zombie movie I’ve seen is not saying much. But it is, even if it doesn’t contain any zombies. (more…)

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» Son of a Gun (2014, Australia)

Son of a Gun - Ewan McGregor as Brendan Lynch

Sadly, this is a crime thriller, not a prison movie. It’s also a movie about strategy, but not as much as its laboured chess metaphor would want you to believe. It’s more of an old fashioned shoot ‘em up heist movie, with liberal doses of intrigue and black humour, and a master-apprentice theme. (more…)

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» Way Back Home (2013, South Korea)

Way Back Home - Jeon Do-yeon as Song Jeong-yeon

The South Koreans certainly love a good prison tear-jerker - Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013), for instance, and Harmony (2010) - both of which also star young children, as does this weepy. But Way Back Home is also very reminiscent of Hell In Tangier (2006) and Left to Die (2012), both of which feature prisoners in third-world prisons overseas, hampered by inept, judgmental and disinterested embassy officials, and eventually released after persistent media campaigns. As this one does. The point of difference from the last two is that in this case the prisoner is guilty. Of stupidity, at the very least.


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» Jailbait (2013, USA)

Jailbait - Sara Malakul Lane as Anna Nix

There is not much that can be said for this other than that it is a singularly distasteful, exploitative film. (more…)

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» Convict (2014, Australia)

Convict - George Basha as Ray Francis

When this opened where I live, it opened, I think, for just one session in one cinema. That might say as much as needs to be said. (more…)

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» 7 Stones (2012, USA)

7 Stones - Melissa Anschutz as Laura Brummels

7 Stones is only 46 minutes long. It seems longer. It is a fairly opaque 46 minutes. (more…)

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» 72. Koğuş (2011, Turkey)

72. Koğuş - Prisoners in Ward 72 with Yavuz Bingöl as Ahmet Kaptan in the centre

Translating as Ward 72 (or Cell 72), this is an updated version of the 1987 film based on Orhan Kemal’s 1967 play about being imprisoned during his wartime military service in Niğde. If you’re looking for a cheery film to watch, this probably isn’t it. But it’s very much worth watching. (more…)

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» The Concrete Jungle (1982, USA)

The Concrete Jungle - Tracy Bregman as Elizabeth Demming, Barbara Luna as Cat, and Niki Dantine as Margo

Three years after The Concrete Jungle was released, a film called Concrete Hell (aka Turning to Stone) hit the cinemas in Canada. There are plenty of parallels between the two, aside from their shared interest in building materials used in prison construction. Both feature young women charged with cocaine importation who are deserted by their male partners and dropped into brutal prisons which are controlled by big-haired queen bees. The Concrete Jungle definitely came first. Turning to Stone is definitely better. (more…)

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